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Coming back to Earth

Earth in spaceAustralians are great travellers. Because our island continent is so isolated, travelling overseas means long haul travel,  often to the opposite hemisphere.

While the effects of jet lag from changing time zones are well known, what is not often considered are the consequences of changing seasons when flying from one hemisphere to another.

The reason I’m discussing this is that I have just returned from a two week trip to California (hence the delay in this posting). I left the lovely, languorous, late summer of the Adelaide Hills and 18 hours later found myself in an equally glorious early spring in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having acclimatised (or acclimated as our American cousins have it) to the spring, I now find myself back in South Australia in late summer which is thinking of becoming autumn.

I have treated many people who have struggled with the effects of topsy-turvy seasons on their bodies. Most people adjust just fine within a week or so, but for some the abrupt changes create blocks in the energy flows of the body, blocks which cause ongoing symptoms requiring treatment.

Why does this happen? Normally the Earth Element mediates the transition between seasons. The classics say that in the last 18 days of each of the four seasons, Earth arises to facilitate the transition. That means we have two and a half weeks to gradually adapt to the change of season. In my case, I only had 18 hours to adjust, and that was in a metal box 30,000 feet above the earth! What is more, instead of moving into autumn, a season in which the ambient Qi is falling, I was whisked into spring where Qi was rising.

What can we do to help ourselves in this situation? I have found that supporting the Element of the season to which you are travelling is helpful. If by changing hemispheres you are going into spring, treat Wood points; for summer treat Fire points; for autumn use Metal points; and for winter hold Water points. I haven’t mentioned Earth in this list. That’s because you can always use Earth points in addition to the other Element points. In fact, it is very helpful to use the source points of the yin meridians, all of which happen to be Earth points.

These source points are Liver 3 (Wood), Heart 7 (Fire), Spleen 3 (Earth) Lung 9 (Metal) and Kidney 3 (Water). Since these points are so important, I have talked about all of them in the past year except for Spleen 3. If you scroll down the blog postings at http://www.acupressure.com.au/wprss/ you will find them.

Spleen 3 (Taibai – Supreme White) is the Earth point on an Earth meridian. Stomach 36, the very first blog I posted a year ago is also the Earth point on an Earth meridian. Together these two points can provide deeply grounding and balancing support for Earth energies that have become wobbly.

If you find you are still feeling up in the air or all over the place after your overseas trip, help yourself come back to earth with some Earth points.

SP 3Location of Spleen 3

The point is located on the inside of the foot below the ball of the big toe. It lies on the side of the foot at the junction of the red and white skin. Press into the depression at the base of the big toe.