Power Source Point

WaterfallI expect my acupressure students are tired of hearing me repeat that the source point of a meridian is often the best point to use because it directly influences the corresponding organ and balances the meridian no matter whether it is excess or deficient. I emphasise the source points because they are such safe and effective points to use, especially for beginners.

The source point of the Kidney meridian is K 3, Supreme Stream and is located behind the inner ankle. It is said that palpation of this point indicates the condition of the kidneys, while treating it tonifies and balances the functioning of those organs. It also helps to reduce lumbar pain, especially when used in combination with BL 23 in the low back, a point I explored a couple of blogs back.

The Kidney meridian also influences the urinary and reproductive systems, so K 3 can be used to treat irregular menstruation, infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, frequent urination and cystitis.

The ears are the sense organs of the Kidney, so this point  benefits the ears and the sense of hearing. It helps with tinnitus, ear infections and hearing loss. Many of the conditions of old age relate to the decline of Kidney Qi, things such as incontinence, memory loss, hair loss, insomnia and feeling the cold. This point can support a person with any of these conditions and is therefore a boon to the aged.

Supreme Stream steadies the Water Element and can have a very calming effect upon the emotions. It is especially helpful in calming fear, the emotion of  Water. This point can settle anxiety, help recovery from highly adrenalised states and aid in healing from frightening and traumatic experiences.

Source points help us to reconnect with our Original Qi, that deep reservoir of energy that we were born with and which serves as our fuel tank for life. Since this Qi is stored in the Kidneys, K 3 is particularly significant in supporting our connection to this power source. It supports us in realising our potential in the world by aligning us with the positive Water qualities of will, determination, courage, persistence and perseverance.

We are still deep in the season of winter and this point will be especially useful at this time of year. Holding a point in the season that corresponds to its Element makes it doubly effective. I recommend utilising this power point over the next few weeks.

Location of Kidney 3

SAMSUNGThe point is immediately behind (posterior to) the inner ankle bone. Find the tip of the ankle and move your finger backwards until you are in the deep hollow between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Feel for a tender spot. Use direct pressure for 2-3 minutes, or until you feel a harmonising of the Qi at the point. I suggest you hold the left side first, then the right. If you are working on someone else, try holding it with BL 23 on the same side of the body. Related points held in combination are much more powerful than points held by themselves.